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Pastor Derek Bradshaw


6th Grade - Senior High

The RISE stands for Righteousness, Instruction, Service, and Evangelism. All four of these ideals are essential to the life of a Christian teenager who wishes to "rise" to the call of a life lived for God.

Every teenager will feel welcome because the junior and senior high student ministry at Salem is alive and growing. We meet every Sunday morning at 9:30 to play, sing, pray, and then learn how to practically apply Christ's teachings to the unique challenges of a teenager's life.


As a group, we attend a yearly Christian summer camp, go to youth conferences, host teen outings and game days, and enjoy special SNAC (Sunday Night After Church) times once a month just to hang out and play a few extra games of ping-pong, carpetball, etc. 

If a teenager really wants to take their Bible training and service for Christ to the next level, we even have a special RISEr Program that they are welcome to join. It's kind of elite and awesome like The Avengers (but for Christian teenagers).

Pastor Micah Ray and his wife, Shannon, lead The RISE.

Leaders: Pastor Micah and Shannon Ray

SNAC Time 12/3/2017

Human Hungry Hungry Hippos

SNAC Time 12/3/2017

Birdie on a Perch

SNAC Time 12/3/2017

In the Pit

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