LifeBuilders               Senior Saints

Pastor Derek Bradshaw

LifeBuilders Adult Bible Class

Typically ages 35 - 60

LifeBuilders is an Adult Bible Class geared toward those in their middle age years. This Bible class is a supportive group of men and women who pray and study the Word of God together every Wednesday evening at 7:00. The members of the LifeBuilders class are involved in practically every ministry and service opportunity within SBC. 


LifeBuilders is led by Pastor Rodney McCroskey and his wife, Lori.  Pastor Rodney and Lori care deeply about the members of their class and seek to humbly model a joyous, Christian life.

Teacher: Pastor Rodney McCroskey

(and wife, Lori)

Pastor Derek Bradshaw

Lasting Legacy Adult Bible Class

Typically ages 60 +

The Lasting Legacy adult Bible class is held in the Main Auditorium each Sunday morning at 9:30. This group consists mainly of SBC’s senior saints. Many of those in Lasting Legacy have been members of Salem for several decades. Their faithfulness and sacrifice has made SBC into the church that it is today.  


Lasting Legacy is led by Pastor Gerald Thompson and his wife, Myrtle. Pastor Thompson brings years of ministry experience and Bible study to his lessons each week. He is the Pastor Emeritus here at Salem and he is very involved in visiting and ministering to the senior adults of our church.  

Teacher: Pastor Gerald Thompson